I've always appreciated photography, but after having my own two little munchkins I was filling up hard drive space faster than I was changing diapers.  (And if you've had kids, you know how often that is!)  My absolute favorite photos of them, and my hubby, are the candid pictures that capture their essence.  They immediately take me back to exactly what life was like when the photo was taken.  And in the collection of moments, falling in love with those memories, I have fallen more in love with photography.  


My style is loose and fun, and will not consist of the typical posed pictures.  I want your family to interact with each other, play, run, jump and be themselves. I will simply capture you doing what you do best.  It will be a way to record who your family is right now, including all of the quirky unique things that make you you!  


In addition to shooting families, kids, senior pictures and engagement shots,  I LOVE photographing sports.  As an avid sports fan I totally appreciate the passion, the skill and the "big moment".   We are all spending a ton of time and money on our kids sports and we typically don't have any great keep sakes of them in action!  (WHY!?!)  Our iPhones can't keep up with the pace of the game and most of us don't have cameras and lenses that work at high speeds in low lighting.  But guess what?  I do.  And I love it.  So please indulge me and let's get some shots of your kids doing what they love to do.


With that being said, there are two things I don't do: newborns or weddings.  There are many photographers who focus all of their time on just one of these areas and they know all kinds of special tips and tricks.  (Especially for those sweet little newborns!)


Here's what will help make this a really special and fun session:  Come with ideas, let me know what you're looking for, what you like and where your family likes to spend time.  Let's play and make this fun - I want to capture your family's spirit or your child's spirit and the fun you have when it's just you guys!






Most sessions will run about an hour long (maybe a little longer if we're really having fun!) and costs $150.  This is due at the time of booking to secure your appointment.  

After our session we'll get together to look at your images and you can purchase your prints/products during that time while we're together.  Many people look forward to having custom art (canvas wraps, gallery art, modern metal art) and many also want to own the digital files.  I offer many different art and print options that we can comb through together.  Please email me directly if you'd like a price list ahead of time.



In addition I offer sports photography and love shooting all ages doing what they love!  I'd be happy to come to your child's basketball game, cheerleading competition, gymnastics, hockey game, wrestling meet... you name it!  And it's not just kids who love their sports... there are many kids at heart who would love to have great shots of themselves waterskiing, playing in their annual pond hockey tournament,  or golfing for example.    



-  Please email sara@fishhousephotography.com for availability and specify what kind of session you'd like, and the month or date your prefer.  

-  The turnaround time for your  images will be roughly 3 weeks unless otherwise noted




Feel free to reach me by phone, email or Facebook.  


You can find me at:
263 Lake Avenue N.
Spicer, MN 56288
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What to Expect: 

- Prior to our shoot I will send you a questionaire which is your chance to help me get to know your family and kids.  I'd love to hear what your family enjoys doing, how you spend your time, and what your interests are.  This might spur some creative ideas for us as far as locations and the kinds of shots we'd like to capture.

- Please let me know where you'd like do the shoot.  I'm open to any ideas you have and often the most unexpected places can be the most fun.  Spots that represent your family, your hobbies and how you spend your time will make special memories for you.  Don't think you need to do "what everyone else does".  Think outside of the box!

- I will do my very best to turn your images around quickly.  I know from personal experience that waiting for them can feel like it's taking forever!  You can expect to meet with me roughly 2-3 weeks after our shoot to review your images and discuss ordering.

- On the day of: snacks and treats aren't such a bad idea for the littest kids.  (I'm not saying to bribe them with fruit snacks, but from personal experience, it DOES work.) It's amazing the big, happy smiles you get when they know there are a few M&M's coming their way.

- Plan your shoot according to nap times and when your kids are at their most energetic.  (This tends to be first thing in the morning, after a nap, and after they've eaten)


What to Wear: 

- You know what looks great on film?  Layers and accessories. (Scarves, vests, light jackets, and blankets all look great!)  Feel free to have fun with it and show your personality.  Shoes, belts and jewelry are a great way to add pops of color to your family's outfits.

- Dress for the weather.  If you're not comfortable it will be hard to pretend that you are for the camera.

- Avoid wearing logos, images, graphics, or writing. 

- Make sure you try everything on before our session. 

- Pick a color palate that you like and run with it.  If you think you need help there are lots of great ideas online.

- Keep your kids in similar hues and brightness levels so that one doesn't stand out more than another.

- Mom, dress yourself first.  We are the hardest on ourselves and think our kids look perfect in everything.  How often have you thought, "I have a whole closet full of clothes with nothing to wear!!!"?  I'm guily of it myself.  So pick something that makes you happy and makes you feel confident.  Once you feel good, the rest of the family will fall in line and will no doubt look great too.

- Feel free to bring props that will be fun, cute, or sentimental.  (Some ideas might be a football, teddy bear, balloons, grandma's pearls, a fancy hat, etc.)  We can incorporate just about anything and will make your pictures unique to you and your family.


Printing your Files:

This is tricky for photographers because we want your images to be perfect and developed as such.  Professional developers treat your images with special care and provide a higher quality print.  I cannot be responsible for the quality of labs, but with that being said, I highly recommend using www.mpix.com.  It is a very simple online site to use and their quality is outstanding and at a professional level.  This site gives me comfort that the color and clarity of your images will print true to expectation. Your images will be given to you in high resolution without any watermarks.  When printing them please do not use auto correct option as this will alter the colors of the image.  I'd be more than happy to place an order for you through my professional developer if you'd like as well.  Please just let me know.


Terms and Conditions:

- Sara Martinka/Fish House Phtography reserves the right to use any photograph for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.
- All photographs are copyrights of FIsh House Photography and it is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce any images without written permission whether purchased or not.