I've always appreciated photography, but after having my own two little munchkins I was filling up hard drive space faster than I was changing diapers.  (And if you've had kids, you know how often that is!)  My absolute favorite photos of them, and my hubby, are the candid pictures that capture their essence.  They immediately take me back to exactly what life was like when the photo was taken.  And in the collection of moments, falling in love with those memories, I have fallen more in love with photography.  


My style is loose and fun, and will not consist of the typical posed pictures.  I want your family to interact with each other, play, run, jump and be themselves. I will simply capture you doing what you do best.  It will be a way to record who your family is right now, including all of the quirky unique things that make you you!  


In addition to shooting families, kids, senior pictures and engagement shots,  I LOVE photographing sports.  As an avid sports fan I totally appreciate the passion, the skill and the "big moment".   We are all spending a ton of time and money on our kids sports and we typically don't have any great keep sakes of them in action!  (WHY!?!)  Our iPhones can't keep up with the pace of the game and most of us don't have cameras and lenses that work at high speeds in low lighting.  But guess what?  I do.  And I love it.  So please indulge me and let's get some shots of your kids doing what they love to do.


With that being said, there are two things I don't do: newborns or weddings.  There are many photographers who focus all of their time on just one of these areas and they know all kinds of special tips and tricks.  (Especially for those sweet little newborns!)


Here's what will help make this a really special and fun session:  Come with ideas, let me know what you're looking for, what you like and where your family likes to spend time.  Let's play and make this fun - I want to capture your family's spirit or your child's spirit and the fun you have when it's just you guys!